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Post-Breast Augmentation At-Home Care

There are two main things that will decide how well your breast augmentation will turn out: your surgeon, and your recovery—and for you to have a safe and healthy recovery, you need to do quite a bit of planning. So before your breast augmentation procedure, learn exactly what you need to do to make sure your home recovery goes swimmingly.

The Day of the Surgery

For the first 24 hours of your recovery, it’s really important that you have a responsible adult help take care of you. You just had an invasive surgery, and there’s going to be a lot things that you can’t do by yourself. So just for your peace of mind, try to have a buddy with you that can help you with lifting things, going to the bathroom, and getting food.

Your Recovery Space

Make sure that your recovery space is as serene and stress-free as possible. Nothing helps the healing process more than being calm. Make sure all your chores are done and all your things are organized and tidy. Also, move food and other necessities to shelves that are within reach—it’s hard to reach above your head after a breast augmentation surgery.

Get Cocoa Butter

You’ll be able to shower, at the soonest, the day after surgery. You want to make sure that the shower doesn’t dry out your skin (which will be tight at this point), so get some cocoa butter that you can gently rub on your skin to moisturize it.

Make a Recovery Station

You should set up an unbelievably comfy spot where you can spend most of your recovery time. Make sure it has lots of pillows, blankets and cushioning, and try to put supplies and recovery items nearby so you don’t have to move much.

Make Ready-to-Eat Meals

You should pre-prepare some meals before your surgery so that you won’t have to do much cooking during your recovery. Make some dishes that you can freeze or microwave really easily, or maybe stock up on some pre-packed snacks like oatmeal or Jello. A light diet that won’t upset your stomach, like toast, soup, and crackers is the best option.

Ice Packs

Stock up on lots of ice packs! Ice packs are soothing, easy to make, and can help get swelling down. Make sure to make them the night before your surgery, so that they’ll be ready when you need them.

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