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Month: May 2017

5 Things to Know Before a Breast Augmentation Procedure

Do you love your breasts? If not, come see us. Breast augmentation can increase breast size, correct asymmetry, and enhance breast shape. Discover a shapelier, yet natural look.
If you’re thinking about breast augmentation, here are five things you need to know before surgery.

Saline and Silicone Implants Are Both Good Choices

Saline or silicone? The good news is, both implant types can yield stunning results. Saline implants can be used on younger patients (18+), tend to be more affordable, can be placed through a smaller incision, and allow for easy leak detection. Silicone implants can be used on patients aged 22+. They feel more natural, even outside of the breast, and are less likely to wrinkle or ripple in the breast. Cohesive silicone gel implants, also called gummy bear implants, retain their shape very well and are available in many shapes and projections making them ideal for breast reconstruction. Each of these implant choices has its advantages and Dr. Mussat will help you choose the best implant type for your goals.

You’ll Probably Need to Replace Your Implants at Least Once

Breast surgery provides long lasting results, but you need to realize that your breast augmentation is unlikely to be your last breast surgery. Most women will need to replace or remove their implants at some point, hopefully many years in the future.

Breast Augmentation Isn’t Right for Everyone

Breast augmentation is an excellent option for many women, but it isn’t right for everyone. You may be a good candidate if:
• You want bigger breasts and more cleavage.
• You want to provide subtle lift to aging or flattened breasts.
• You want to change and improve your breasts, not achieve perfection.
• You have good physical and mental health.
• You are choosing breast surgery for you, not someone else.
• You understand that breast surgery has risks, but feel that the benefits outweigh them.
If you think you’re a good candidate for surgery, come meet with Dr. Mussat. We can help you determine if you’re ready for breast augmentation.

We’ll Work with You to Design Your New Breasts

Breast augmentation is highly customizable. We’ll work with you to choose implant size and type, incision locations, and implant placement. Depending on your anatomy and goals, Dr. Mussat may recommend complementary procedures, like a breast lift. We’ll work closely with you to create a unique surgical plan that achieves your goals.

You Will Need Time Off from Work

Breast augmentation is a surgical procedure and will require some downtime for recovery. Plan on taking about a week off from work. You’ll need to avoid strenuous activities, including exercise, for about six weeks after surgery.
Thinking about breast augmentation? Contact us to schedule your consultation with Dr. Mussat.

Redefine the Term ‘Mom Jeans’ with a Mommy Makeover

How would you describe your favorite pair of jeans? With a mommy makeover, you’re in charge of choosing the perfect look, be we can promise, you’ll look amazing. We’ll tighten up your abdomen, shape your waist, and redefine your breasts for the best body you’ve ever had, even before baby. ‘Mom jeans’ may have a negative connotation, but after you show the world your new look, we’re think the term might get a new definition.

Mommy Makeover After Baby- Why Every Mom Needs One

Having a baby changes the body, often in ways that aren’t appreciated. Stretch marks, a sagging tummy, and deflated looking breasts are all common complaints. Hitting the gym isn’t going to restore your pre-baby body, but a mommy makeover will. It is a customized set of plastic surgery procedures that will target your problem areas and restore a pre-pregnancy appearance to your body.

  • Stretch Marks– Many women get stretch marks during pregnancy, often on the lower abdomen. During a tummy tuck we’ll remove excess skin, and the stretch marks that are on it come too. This means fewer stretch marks, especially those found below the belly button.
  • Sagging Breasts– Breast sagging is a common complaint after pregnancy due to hormonal changes and the temporary breast size increase that occurs during pregnancy. A breast lift reshapes the breasts and moves their position to a more central location on the chest wall.
  • Loss of Breast Volume- Breast augmentation is often paired with a breast lift during the mommy makeover. Dr. Mussat places an implant into the breast to increase size. This is an excellent option for women that have experienced a loss of breast volume after pregnancy.
  • Excess Abdominal Skin- Rediscover a tight, flat abdomen. A tummy tuck removes excess abdominal skin and fat, restoring a tighter, flatter abdomen.
  • Abdominal Muscle Separation- The abdominal muscles can separate during pregnancy, leaving a permanent pooch. If needed, we can correct abdominal muscle separation during a tummy tuck.
  • Oversize Areolas- Some women experience an increase in areola size after pregnancy. We can adjust the position of areola/nipple.

Pregnancy has changed your body, but you can change it back. With a mommy makeover, you’re in charge of how you look after baby.

I Have Questions About the Mommy Makeover- How Do I Learn More?

Do you have mommy makeover questions? We’ve answered a few common ones below.

  • Do I Need to Wait Until I’ve Finished Having Kids for a Mommy Makeover?- A mommy makeover is best performed after you’ve finished bearing children. Wait until you’ve completed breastfeeding your last child and then come see us.
  • Will I Need More than One Surgery?- Most of the time, we can perform the entire mommy makeover with one trip to the operating room. The entire procedure takes Dr. Mussat about 4 hours.
  • How Long Until I Will See My Results?- Some patients will notice immediate improvement in their figure after a mommy makeover, but it will take several months for swelling to resolve and for final results to appear. Be patient, your new look is worth the wait!

If you have any other questions about the mommy makeover, call us and schedule your personalized consultation with Dr. Mussat.

Bridal Body Countdown: How to Look Great on Your Wedding Day

A perfect bridal body doesn’t happen on its own. If you’re getting ready for a walk down the aisle, come see us first. A little plastic surgery or a few well timed cosmetic treatments can help you to look your best on your big day. Whether you have two years before your wedding or just a few weeks, put a visit to Dr. Mussat on your pre-wedding to-do list.

Six Months or Longer Before Your Wedding Day

If you have time before your wedding day, your options are endless. You’ll have time for plastic surgery or cosmetic treatments, without worry about recovery times. Come in as soon as you can. Planning ahead ensures that you’ll have plenty of time to recover before your final dress fitting. Come see us as soon as you get engaged. These surgical procedures are top picks for brides-to-be.

Many brides want to drop a few pounds before the wedding. You don’t have to do it alone. We offer medical weight loss to help you drop excess weight and discover your best body. Losing weight is hard, but with our help you’ll have the support, and medical advice, you need to finally achieve your goal.

Six Weeks or Less Before Your Wedding

If you have a month or two, but not a lot of time before your wedding day, come see us. You still have time to improve your appearance before you say, “I do”. When you’re short on time, minimally invasive treatments work best as they don’t require lots of downtime or recovery.

  • Botox- Smooth lines and wrinkles around the eyes, on the forehead, or between the brows with Botox. This treatment relaxes the muscles that cause many common wrinkles. Results are very natural looking when the treatment is performed by a skilled injector like Dr. Mussat. Botox results appear in just a few days, but come in a bit sooner to ensure any redness is gone before your wedding. Since results last 3-4 months you can come in early and still look great.
  • Dermal Fillers- Restore a youthful appearance to your skin with dermal fillers. These injectable fillers can smooth lines and wrinkles and restore fullness and volume to the skin. They can even enhance the lips and perfect your pout. Results are instantaneous with many fillers, but come in at least a few weeks before your wedding. Redness, bruising, and swelling may occur right after treatment and can last for a few days.
  • Chemical Peel- Every bride deserves gorgeous, glowing skin. Get yours with a chemical peel. A light, superficial peel can be performed a few weeks before your wedding to remove dead skin cells and brighten dull skin. Deeper peels provide even more dramatic results and remove hyperpigmentation, but will need a recovery period, so plan ahead.

As you count down toward your big day, come see Dr. Mussat. When all eyes are on you, you need to look your best.

Do I need revision breast surgery?

There will be circumstances when a patient may consider undergoing revision breast surgery sooner than expected. Though breast surgery is common in the US, some women may feel dissatisfied with the results they’ve ended up with. Perhaps they have had some type of complication such as leakage, or maybe they are unhappy with the size or placement of their implants.  Others may have seen their results change due to natural body changes or pregnancy. All these reasons, and more are why many women seek revision breast surgery. There are varying reasons why a patient considers revision breast surgery. If you’re asking yourself the same question, you came at the right place. Below are the points for consideration if you’re thinking of having revision breast surgery:

Are you feeling pain?


  • Pain after the surgery is natural. It usually takes months for the incisions to fully heal. However, if you’re feeling strange discomfort, ache or soreness months or years after your surgery, you may need another breast procedure.


  • Capsular contracture (CC) is a rare condition where the scar tissue around the implant pocket builds a ‘wall’. This may lead to uncomfortable, hardened breasts that may cause pain. Most of the time CC requires removal of the implants. You can avoid CC by listening to Dr. Mussat and her professional recommendations during your consultation. Capsular contracture usually happens when the implants are too big for your existing breast tissue, thus listening to your doctor’s advice will help you avoid unwanted circumstances.


  • If you’re experiencing abnormal bleeding or suspecting that your breasts got infected from your previous procedure, you must immediately schedule a consultation to check your situation. Cases like this mostly need prompt action to avoid further damage to the body.


Are you happy with your breasts?


  • ‘Boob greed’ happens in patients, and it happens often. After several months, when the incisions finally heal, the patient starts loving her new breasts. It could lead her to wanting bigger implants, thinking it would look better. It’s totally fine as long as Dr. Mussat agrees it is appropriate for you.
  • Some conservative patients may desire smaller implants when they realized the size they have might look too big for their preference. The person’s lifestyle is also a consideration for size reduction; patients with an active lifestyle may find they need a breast size reduction.
  • Implant displacement or “bottoming out” occurs when breast implants end up sitting too low on the chest wall, and the nipples wind up positioned too high on the breast mound. At any time after surgery, a patient’s implants can move upward, downward, left or right; causing the need for a revision to move them back into the right position.
  • Breast asymmetry or uneven breasts can be a consideration for a revision breast surgery. Usually the patient notices this when the breasts fully heal from the previous procedure.
  • Symmastia is a rare condition where the breasts appear joined in the middle. It could look unattractive; thus, a patient must undergo a revision breast surgery.
  • Scarring or rippling of the skin underneath the skin’s surface may need a patient to undergo revision breast surgery


Did your body change?

  • Unfortunately, there are no smart breast implants yet that adapt to the body as it experiences changes. Typically, as the woman age, after her pregnancy, or if she lost weight, there is a great chance that the breast implants will sag. The patient’s breasts may look less perky 10 years or so after her surgery. When this time comes, a revision breast surgery could be considered to resolve the sagginess of breasts.
  • Women who had breast augmentation may develop difficulties in milk production. If you’re a mother who desires to breastfeed your child, you may need your breast size reduced or your implants completely removed.


Did the implant fail?

  • Implant rupture occurs when the solution leaks through an unsealed or damaged valve, or through a break in the implant shell. Deflation or rupture is usually diagnosed by the patient herself, and it can occur immediately following breast augmentation or anytime thereafter, including many years. When this happens, the breast will go back to its preoperative size. Immediate help from Dr. Mussat must be sought when an implant rupture or deflation occurs. This issue is usually corrected by a revision breast surgery.


Learn More About Revision Breast Surgery, Schedule A Consultation With Dr. Mussat

Scheduling a consultation with Dr. Mussat to learn the best approach to resolve your concern. As one of the leading surgeons in Chicago, Dr. Mussat will be glad to help you achieve the breasts you desire. Schedule a private consultation here or reach out to her office at (312) 751-9000.