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Fat Transfer for Natural Enhancement

Do you wish there was a way to remove unwanted fat from one area of your body and transfer it to another area that could benefit from enhancement? Great news: There is a way to do this! It’s called autologous fat transfer, fat grafting or natural augmentation, and Dr. Florence Mussat offers it at her Chicago plastic surgery practice.

Untitled-55What Areas of the Body Can Fat Transfer Treat?

Dr. Mussat can perform fat transfer techniques to enhance various areas of the body, including the breasts and the buttocks. She can perform fat transfer to fill in facial lines, creases and wrinkles, for a smoother, younger look. Dr. Mussat can even enhance areas of the face that are lacking volume, such as the cheek area or lips.

In addition, fat transfer is a great way to sculpt the donor areas. With fat transfer, Dr. Mussat can sculpt the abdomen, flanks, hips, thighs, buttocks, back, upper arms, neck or chin area.

Appropriate Fat Transfer Candidates

Suitable candidates for autologous fat transfer include individuals who:

  • Would like to enhance one area of the body while sculpting another
  • Have an ample amount of unwanted fat in the donor area(s)
  • Have healthy, elastic skin that will shrink back to a smaller size and shape once fat is removed from the donor area(s)
  • Desire a subtle degree of enhancement throughout the breasts (about one bra cup size)
  • Desire shapelier buttocks
  • Would like to fill in wrinkles or restore volume to certain areas of the face
  • Are in good overall health
  • Have reasonable expectations for the outcome of surgery
  • Are not necessarily seeking perfection, but aesthetic improvement
  • Have made the decision to undergo fat transfer of their own volition

About the Fat Transfer Procedure

Dr. Mussat performs fat Untitled-56transfer surgery on an outpatient basis, under general anesthesia. The first step in the process is to perform liposuction throughout the donor area(s). The abdomen, thighs or buttocks often serve as donor areas because there is typically a sufficient amount of unwanted fat throughout these areas.

Once the excess fat cells have been removed, they are purified in a special machine. Dr. Mussat can then re-inject the fat cells into the area requiring enhancement. When enhancing the posterior, Dr. Mussat takes special care to inject the fat cells into specific quadrants of the buttocks to provide the shapely, lifted look that many patients desire.

Some of the aesthetic benefits of fat transfer surgery are apparent soon after the procedure — hello, shapelier breasts or buttocks! — however, the sculpting benefits of the procedure may take a few months to become completely visible, as this is how long it takes for any residual swelling to improve.

Also, in some cases, some of the donated fat cells are naturally reabsorbed into the body. When this occurs, Dr. Mussat may have to repeat the procedure for optimal results.

Discover the Dual Benefits of Fat Transfer

Thanks to modern fat transfer surgical techniques, the ability to sculpt one area of the body while simultaneously — and naturally — enhancing another is now a reality! To schedule a one-on-one consultation with Dr. Mussat and discover the dual benefits of fat transfer for yourself, contact her office by calling (312) 751-9000 now.

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