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Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery for a Shapely, Perky Posterior

1hIf you have ever wished for a lifted, perkier derrière, without the need for buttocks implants, you will be happy to learn about Brazilian butt lift (BBL) surgery in Chicago. During this procedure, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Florence Mussat can provide a shapelier posterior that is lifted higher on the backside, for a feminine, more youthful look.

Appropriate Candidates for Brazilian Butt Lift

Whether due to an inherent hereditary trait, major weight loss or the natural aging process, suitable candidates for Brazilian butt lift are concerned with the look of a flattened or sagging posterior. In addition, appropriate Brazilian butt lift candidates include those who:

  • Have sound overall health
  • Have an ample amount of excess fat in other areas of the body besides the upper quadrants of the buttocks that can be removed via liposuction and re-injected into the upper-buttock area for a shapelier appearance
  • Have reasonable expectations for what this procedure can accomplish
  • Do not necessarily seek aesthetic perfection, but improvement
  • Understand both the cosmetic benefits and potential risks of this surgery, but feel the advantages outweigh the possible disadvantages
  • Have made the choice to undergo Brazilian butt lift of their own accord

About the Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

Dr. Mussat performs Brazilian butt lift surgery as an outpatient procedure, with the use of general anesthesia. The entire procedure takes about three hours, depending on the complexity of the patient’s surgical needs and cosmetic desires for the outcome of surgery.

During the first stage of the procedure, Dr. Mussat performs liposuction of an area that has excess fat, such as the abdomen, waist, low back, hips, thighs or even the lower quadrants of the buttocks. (An added benefit of Brazilian butt lift is that Dr. Mussat is able to sculpt the donor area using liposuction in addition to enhancing and contouring the treatment area.) She purifies the removed fat cells using the most advanced techniques.

Dr. Mussat then performs the second stage of the procedure by re-injecting the purified fat cells into certain areas of the buttocks, most often focusing on the upper quadrants. Once she is satisfied with the lifted, perkier appearance of the posterior, she dresses the treatment area with soft, fluffy bandages and places a compression garment over the top, which minimizes swelling and provides added support to the tissues while they heal.

Patients will notice significant aesthetic benefits directly after surgery. However, the final results of Brazilian butt lift surgery take a few months to become fully actualized, as this is the period of time needed for all residual swelling to subside and for the body to heal completely.

Brazilian Butt Lift FAQs

What is the difference between a butt augmentation and a Brazilian butt lift ?

A butt augmentation and Brazilian butt lift are two well-known enhancement techniques. The distinction is that a butt augmentation relies on silicone implants to add shape and volume, while a Brazilian butt lift transfers natural fat tissue from a donor site on your body to your buttocks. These areas include your thighs and abdomen – spots where unwanted fat pads often accumulate. Many of our patients prefer this method because of its safe and natural benefits.

Can I sit after my Brazilian butt lift procedure?

Maximizing the fat grafted after BBL surgery is essential to your BBL recovery. The best way to increase the amount of surviving fat cells is avoiding trauma to the buttock area, including sitting. In addition, prolonged pressure on your backside while it heals can make transferred fat survival less likely.

Wearing a compression garment, sleeping exclusively on your stomach, and limiting the time you sit on your buttocks for several weeks after your procedure will help you avoid any disruption of the fat grafting correctly. Dr. Mussat can clear you to resume sitting normally after about eight weeks.

Is there scarring after BBL surgery?

Yes, but it’s minimal. A tiny incision allows Dr. Mussat to insert a cannula for liposuction, which may leave you with scars in donor areas where she extracts fat tissue. Fortunately, the incisions are tiny — usually not more than a centimeter in length — and Dr. Mussat will take care to position them in areas where they’ll heal discreetly, such as in your natural body creases.

In addition, your incisions will fade over time and, depending on your skin tone, can become unnoticeable after they completely heal.

How long do Brazilian butt lift benefits last?

Though not all the grafted fat will survive, your Brazilian butt lift results can last for many years. Fat cells extracted through liposuction will never regenerate in the treated area. Additionally, 60 to 80% of the donor cells will remain indefinitely after the transfer. Therefore, you should not require additional sessions after your Brazilian butt lift.

Can I combine my Brazilian butt lift with other procedures?

A Brazilian butt lift already offers the benefits of two cosmetic improvements — butt augmentation and liposuction in areas with excess fat. But if you’re looking for further improvement, it’s possible to combine your BBL with other procedures. For example, patients concerned about loose skin around their buttocks, hips, or thighs may choose to combine their BBL with a thigh lift to completely rejuvenate their lower body.

How long is the recovery period after a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The recovery period after a Brazilian Butt Lift typically lasts about two to three weeks. However, the final results may take several months to appear fully.

What are the risks and potential complications associated with a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Like any surgical procedure, a Brazilian Butt Lift carries certain risks, such as infection, bleeding, asymmetry, scarring, and fat embolism. Consulting with a qualified surgeon is essential to understand the potential risks and complications.

Who is an ideal candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Ideal candidates for a Brazilian Butt Lift are individuals who have insufficient buttock volume or wish to enhance the shape and size of their buttocks. They should be healthy and have enough fat in other body areas for fat transfer.

What kind of anesthesia is used during a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A Brazilian Butt Lift is typically performed under general anesthesia, ensuring the patient is completely asleep and pain-free throughout the procedure.

How long does the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery typically take?

The duration of a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery can vary, depending on the complexity of the procedure and the amount of fat being transferred. On average, the surgery can take around 2 to 4 hours.

When can I resume physical activities after a Brazilian Butt Lift?

It is recommended to avoid strenuous activities and exercise for about 4 to 6 weeks following a Brazilian Butt Lift. Your surgeon will provide specific guidelines based on your case.

Can I choose the desired size and shape of my buttocks with a Brazilian Butt Lift?

Yes, one of the advantages of a Brazilian Butt Lift is that it allows you to customize the size and shape of your buttocks based on your desired aesthetic goals. During your consultation with a surgeon, you can discuss your expectations and preferences to achieve the desired outcome.

Untitled-8Experience the Transformative Effects of Brazilian Butt Lift

When you catch a glimpse of other women’s backsides, do you admire their ample, perky derrières and long for a similar posterior profile? If so, you might benefit from Brazilian butt lift surgery with Dr. Mussat.

To schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Mussat and be one step closer to experiencing the transformative effects of Brazilian butt lift surgery, contact her Chicago office online or by calling (312) 751-9000 today.

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