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InstaLift Chicago, IL

Do you need relief from the early signs of skin laxity? What about the emergence of sagging jowls? Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Florence Mussat may have the perfect solution for you. She has one of the first practices in Chicago to offer the recent FDA-approved, non-invasive Silhouette InstaLift, an innovative type of thread lift that produces outstanding results.

InstaLift is the latest non-surgical aesthetic treatment that lifts sagging facial skin. After one 45-minute procedure, it makes you look like you did years ago.

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InstaLift Threadlift Candidates

Patients who deal with an aging face, volume loss, or sagging skin but are not interested in or ready for a surgical facelift are good candidates for our InstaLift procedure.

It is an ideal minimally-invasive solution for women and men who want to refresh their facial appearance without the use of injections, lasers, or incisions. This unique and advanced technology offers a solution to sagging facial skin. Best candidates have good skin elasticity with moderate sagging. Their skin should not be too thin or too thick.

InstaLift Simplified

Classified as a “thread lift,” Instalift utilizes very fine, biodegradable sutures, which Dr. Mussat positions deep into the dermis. With this advanced suture design, she can elevate sagging skin tissue about the midface to a more youthful position. The patient will enjoy immediate results, which should last approximately 18 months. The thread lift procedure is safe, effective, and painless.

InstaLift Versus Traditional Thread Lifts

Thread lifts used permanent barbed sutures, which did not have enough holding capacity to affect optimal results. The design of the thread lifts would also cause the threads to snap because of the sutures cutting into the material. The traditional thread lifts are no longer on the market because of problems with the design.

Because InstaLift uses biodegradable sutures with soft cones, they ensure the lifting power of your sagging skin without the risks or complications of thread lifts.

Instalift Sutures

The amazing InstaLift sutures consist of a Polyglycolide/L-lactide (PLGA) material which is a well-tolerated and absorbable compound. These sutures act as scaffolds under the skin to support and lift soft tissues. Instalift thread lift sutures include specially designed cones that hold the threads steady and eventually will trigger collagen production to replace facial volume that decreases with age.

Why Silhouette InstaLift?

  • Minimal recovery time
  • Immediate lifting effect
  • Natural appearance
  • Minimally invasive
  • Non-surgical
  • Absorbable material
  • Progressive restoration of the body’s lost collagen

What Can I Expect During a Chicago Thread Lift?

The amount of lift to facial tissue is determined by the number of sutures, the placement of sutures, and the level of skin laxity. Sagging facial skin is the main contributor to a tired and aged appearance. InstaLift offers a convenient, in-office procedure which recontours your facial outline. Dr. Mussat has extensive training and expertise with this advanced technology, to deliver one of the most compelling anti-aging treatments to come along in years.

The InstaLift Procedure

After applying a local anesthetic to the treatment area, Dr. Mussat will gently insert the InstaLift sutures at a 5mm depth into the dermis at the cheek or midface area. There will be no incisions, just a single needle entry point for each filament. She will guide it through the underlying tissue and remove the needle at a bi-directional extraction point. The sutures employ absorbable cones which hold them in place. Duration is under one hour, results are immediate, and recovery is minimal.

After she places the InstaLift sutures, the procedure is complete with no need to remove them. These sutures will absorb naturally. With time, the natural production of collagen will trigger to help rejuvenate skin health and appearance.

InstaLift Thread Lift Results

InstaLift is an exceptional dual-action, cosmetic treatment which produces two highly desirable aesthetic outcomes: a continuing production of collagen to add volume, and an immediate lifting of the tissue in the mid-face. Results get better and better over time.

You can confidently expect these improvements to last approximately 18 months until the sutures dissolve and the aging process continues.

InstaLift Side-Effects

Although the procedure is highly tolerable with minimal discomfort, there may be some minor effects after suture placement. These may include bruising, swelling, inflammation, and some discomfort. Although rare, banding, asymmetry, and sensory nerve damage are possible.

For more information about how InstaLift can rejuvenate your facial beauty, schedule a consultation today, contact us or call 312.751.9000.