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Month: September 2017

Full Tummy Tuck vs. Mini Tummy Tuck

While tummy tuck surgery boasts an array of both medical and aesthetic benefits, there’s no denying that it’s a major operation to have. Patients who receive a full tummy tuck must typically wait 2-3 months for complete healing to occur, and even with proper after-care, there is sometimes a risk of scarring. As such, many people who are interested in abdominal sculpting prefer the idea of having a “mini” tummy tuck instead. There are, however, a few things to be aware of before choosing this option.

What’s The Difference Between A Full Tummy Tuck And A Mini Tummy Tuck?

The primary difference between full and “mini” tummy tuck surgery is the amount of the abdomen being treated. During a full tummy tuck procedure, loose skin is removed from both above and below the navel. During a mini tummy tuck procedure, on the other hand, loose skin is removed only from the lower stomach.

The main benefit of mini tummy tuck surgery is that it requires one less incision. While full tummy tuck surgery makes use of two incisions (one along the lower stomach and a smaller one around the navel), mini tummy tuck surgery needs just one single incision slightly above the pubic area. If mini tummy tuck surgery is performed by a skilled surgeon, the resulting scar is often invisible when the patient is clothed.

A mini tummy tuck is not for everyone, of course. It’s ideally suited to people who have a small-to-medium amount of loose skin on their lower abdomen. Those who have significant skin stretching above the navel as well must elect for full tummy tuck surgery. This is because they need to have their navel surgically released (via a second incision) in order to allow the skin above it and around it to be properly repositioned.

Whether or not you’re a good candidate for mini tummy tuck surgery will depend on your age and the amount of weight you have lost. Young, slim women who have gone through pregnancy, for example, are often excellent candidates for mini tummy tuck surgery. A middle-aged person who experienced significant obesity for many years, on the other hand, will almost certainly need the full procedure. As always, however, only a full consultation with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon can tell you which operation is right for you. If you would like to learn more, call at 312.751.9000 to book an appointment with Dr. Mussat today. Don’t forget to take a look at our tummy tuck gallery while you’re here!

Am I a Good Candidate for Labiaplasty?

No woman should ever feel self-conscious about the most intimate parts of herself, but for women who suffer from an oversized labia, discomfort can be a daily issue. While it might seem like it’s a problem that only affects women during intimate moments, an oversized labia can interfere with activities like bike riding or even make them think twice about wearing certain types of clothing. For women who want to finally feel free and confident to live their life, there is one option: a popular surgical procedure called labiaplasty. Not sure what labiaplasty is or if it’s the right solution for you? Take the time to read this simple guide on who’s the perfect candidate for labiaplasty.

Who’s a Good Candidate for a Labiaplasty?

Women of all shapes, ages, and sizes suffer from excess or asymmetrical labia tissue. Thankfully, almost any woman over the age of 18 can receive a labiaplasty, a procedure that reshapes the labia to a comfortable size.

Typically, women undergo a labiaplasty because they:

  • Feels self-conscious about an overly-large or unusually shaped labia
  • Feels discomfort when wearing tight-fitting clothing or riding a bike
  • Are in good health
  • Has realistic expectations for the labiaplasty
  • Is only pursuing the procedure for herself, and no one else

Why Do Women Usually Get a Labiaplasty?

Maybe your labia changed after childbirth, or maybe you’ve been suffering from the effects of an oversized labia for your entire life; either way, it’s difficult to have to deal with an issue that doesn’t just affect your daily life, but your intimate life, too. For many women, a labiaplasty isn’t just a chance to rejuvenate their bodies; it’s a way to reclaim their femininity.

Why Should I Get Labiaplasty?

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of labiaplasty:

  • The ability to wear tight clothing comfortably
  • An improved sex life
  • And increase confidence towards your body

With a labiaplasty, women can enjoy a labia that looks pinker, more symmetrical, and is more reasonably sized. Plus, a labiaplasty’s results are permanent, so women can enjoy their new, rejuvenated self for years at a time.

This issue is, understandably, a sensitive one for many women; that’s why it’s so essential that women go to a compassionate, experienced surgeon that understands what they’re going through. As a top female plastic surgeon in Chicago, Dr. Mussat has the experience and insight to help women with a labiaplasty. To learn more about this wonderful procedure, contact the office of Dr. Mussat for a consultation with the surgeon herself.


Am I a Good Candidate for Liposuction?

You eat like a vegan and work out like an athlete but still can’t lose those stubborn fat pads around your middle, your thighs, and your upper back. Why is that? You want the body you once had, and you work hard for it, but there seem to be areas immune to diet and exercise. What can you do to gain the results you so desperately want?

If you struggle to lose stubborn fat from a specific body part, and this fat is not responding to a healthy diet and exercise routine, liposuction may be the right cosmetic procedure for you. Although liposuction is not suitable for everyone, you are a good candidate if:

You Are at or Close to Your Optimal Body Weight

Liposuction is not a weight loss treatment, and best results are with patients who are near their ideal body weight.

Your General Health is Good

As with any aesthetic surgical procedure, optimal results and faster recovery depend on good health. The healthier you are, the more satisfied you will be with the outcome.

You Want to Reduce Disproportional Areas of Stubborn Fat Deposits

Liposuction extracts fat through a cannula (narrow tube) via a suction device and works best on explicit areas of your body, rather than for overall fat elimination. By targeting stubborn areas, liposuction can make your body look proportional. Liposuction is primarily used for the abdomen, hips, back, outer thighs, or inner thighs but can be used for most parts of the body.

You Have Sufficient Skin Elasticity

When stubborn fat is finally eliminated, your loose skin can become unattractive if it does not have enough elasticity for it to adjust to your body’s new shape. The older we get, the less elastic our skin becomes, so it’s important to have a plastic surgeon assess your skin’s condition before deciding on liposuction.

You Have Realistic Expectations and Understand All Risks Involved

You should not expect results that are not possible due to your unique body type. It is also important to understand the risks associated with Liposuction or any other surgery you are considering. A good plastic surgeon will educate you on realistic expectations and potential complications of your procedure.

Contact Chicago plastic surgeon, Dr. Mussat today if you think you are a good candidate for liposuction or want additional information about this procedure or any others we offer. You can call us at 312.751.9000 or Contact Us online here.

Implant Removal With Lift v. Implant Exchange

Unfortunate though it is, all good things must come to an end. While some women enjoy their breast implants for a lifetime, most women will eventually either need or want a revision on their initial augmentation. In addition to issues like breakage or leakage, the natural effects of time (sagging due to age or pregnancy) may make implant replacement necessary. As such, if you’re considering breast augmentation, you should also plan to have at least one additional surgery, i.e., either an implant exchange or a removal.

Removal or Exchange: Which Option Is Right for Me?

Breast implant removal is generally preferred by women who have decided that having larger breasts is no longer right for them. Increased activity levels, changing tastes, or medical considerations may make removal the most logical choice for some women. There are, however, a few things you need to know before you go down this route.

Because implants stretch the skin somewhat, you will almost certainly have loose skin left over once your implants are removed. In younger women who have had small implants, the breasts will sometimes firm up naturally and no further surgery will be needed. In the vast majority of cases, however, implant removal must be accompanied by a breast lift. A breast lift will restore your breasts to a perky, round shape, as if you had never had implants at all. There is, however, a small risk of additional scarring that’s not present with implant exchange. You’ll therefore need to decide whether or not this risk is outweighed by the possible benefits of implant removal.

Implant exchange, on the other hand, is usually selected by women who are happy with their implants overall. These women may want new implants to correct leakage or placement issues, or they might want to upgrade to a larger size. Either way, implant replacement can typically be completed in a single surgery, making it no more complicated or inconvenient than initial augmentation. The only additional step taken during revision surgery is pocket adjustments: Your surgeon might inject a soft tissue support like Strattice or GalaFLEX into the pockets where your implants are inserted.

If you’re not sure whether implant removal or implant exchange is the better choice for you, feel free to come see us for a consultation. We can help you weigh up the benefits and risks of each option based on your overall health and lifestyle. To learn more about your options, contact the office of Dr. Mussat for a consultation with the surgeon herself.