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Full Tummy Tuck vs. Mini Tummy Tuck

While tummy tuck surgery boasts an array of both medical and aesthetic benefits, there’s no denying that it’s a major operation to have. Patients who receive a full tummy tuck must typically wait 2-3 months for complete healing to occur, and even with proper after-care, there is sometimes a risk of scarring. As such, many people who are interested in abdominal sculpting prefer the idea of having a “mini” tummy tuck instead. There are, however, a few things to be aware of before choosing this option.

What’s The Difference Between A Full Tummy Tuck And A Mini Tummy Tuck?

The primary difference between full and “mini” tummy tuck surgery is the amount of the abdomen being treated. During a full tummy tuck procedure, loose skin is removed from both above and below the navel. During a mini tummy tuck procedure, on the other hand, loose skin is removed only from the lower stomach.

The main benefit of mini tummy tuck surgery is that it requires one less incision. While full tummy tuck surgery makes use of two incisions (one along the lower stomach and a smaller one around the navel), mini tummy tuck surgery needs just one single incision slightly above the pubic area. If mini tummy tuck surgery is performed by a skilled surgeon, the resulting scar is often invisible when the patient is clothed.

A mini tummy tuck is not for everyone, of course. It’s ideally suited to people who have a small-to-medium amount of loose skin on their lower abdomen. Those who have significant skin stretching above the navel as well must elect for full tummy tuck surgery. This is because they need to have their navel surgically released (via a second incision) in order to allow the skin above it and around it to be properly repositioned.

Whether or not you’re a good candidate for mini tummy tuck surgery will depend on your age and the amount of weight you have lost. Young, slim women who have gone through pregnancy, for example, are often excellent candidates for mini tummy tuck surgery. A middle-aged person who experienced significant obesity for many years, on the other hand, will almost certainly need the full procedure. As always, however, only a full consultation with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon can tell you which operation is right for you. If you would like to learn more, call at 312.751.9000 to book an appointment with Dr. Mussat today. Don’t forget to take a look at our tummy tuck gallery while you’re here!