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Month: October 2020

3 Ways to Prepare for Your Breast Reduction

You may be thinking of having a breast reduction for purely cosmetic reasons to help you improve your self-image with a breast size that is more in proportion to your body. However, apart from the artistic improvement in your breasts’ shape and their balance with the rest of your body, significant physical benefits can also come from the operation.

Very often, as a result of the surgery, there is a dramatic reduction in physical discomfort and a significant improvement in body mechanics. Large breasts can cause chronic pain, discomfort, back problems, sleeping difficulties, and other health concerns. If any of this sounds familiar, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Florence Mussat in Chicago, IL, is standing by to help you.

Whatever your specific reasons may be for wanting to undergo breast reduction surgery, here are three essential ways you can prepare for this big day.

1. Get Preoperative Testing

Your preoperative testing may include a breast exam, chest X-ray, mammogram, blood tests, and other health screenings based on your age and medical history. A baseline mammogram taken before your procedure is crucial to monitor your breast health and detect any future mammogram changes.

2. Prepare for Your Procedure

To give your body the best chance to heal well and avoid complications, focus on following a healthy lifestyle, including quitting smoking and losing excess pounds. Dr. Mussat may also suggest that you stop taking specific medications or supplements.

Your preparation includes planning for medical leave from your job and most other commitments. Dr. Mussat can advise on how long you should plan to be off work, but expect to take a break of two to four weeks.

3. Prepare for Your Recovery

Arrange for a ride home after your procedure, and for someone to stay with you the first day, as well as to bring you to your first post-op appointment.

Before your surgery, buy a couple of sports bras. These will give you support and compression as you recover. For sizing, go one cup size smaller, but leave room for bandages and swelling. Make sure the size you choose is comfortable, because you’ll need to wear it 24 hours a day for up to about six weeks.

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to lift heavy objects for a week or two after your surgery. Plan to have things in smaller containers at home, so you can more easily manage them. Since you may also have a limited range of motion, move any items on high shelves to easy-to-reach places.

You’ll also need comfortable clothes, such as slip-on shoes and loose shirts that are easy to get on and off. Have plenty of gauze and clean washcloths on hand as well.

Why Choose Dr. Florence Mussat for Your Breast Reduction?

Dr. Florence Mussat, as a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon in downtown chicago, has a passion for cosmetic and reconstructive surgery and has been in private practice for over 20 years. With her help, you can soon be on your way to having smaller breasts, finding clothes that fit, and having less discomfort during physical activities. Schedule a personal consultation with her online or by calling (312) 751-9000 today!

Plastic Surgery Trends During the Holiday Season

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year to visit your plastic surgeon. It’s no secret that requests for plastic surgery spike during the holiday season since this is when patients want to look freshened-up for holiday parties. It’s also a time for school vacations, time to relax, family gatherings, photo sessions, and an opportunity to get freshened-up for those office parties.

New Year’s resolutions are often made where we promise to eat healthier, exercise more, and be our best selves. In preparation for this, the holidays are the best time of the year to undergo plastic surgery and many different non-surgical rejuvenation procedures.

Many patients take advantage of extended holiday breaks to book a cosmetic surgery appointment with Dr. Florence Mussat, a Board-Certified Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon in Downtown Chicago who has been in private practice for over 20 years.

The Trend Is All About Timing

You could be seeking a cosmetic procedure such as a breast lift, liposuction, or a facelift. Or you might be looking to refresh your looks with minimally invasive aesthetic procedures like instalift or medical skincare. But regardless of your plans, be prepared to join many other patients eager to be seen for their end-of-year appointment.

The holiday season is the perfect time to undergo that facelift surgery and get yourself ready for the summer swimsuit season. During the holidays, you typically get to take some time off work, which gives you enough time to heal and recover from your surgery. Allowing yourself a 2-3 week recovery period is essential for obtaining ideal and long-lasting results. You will need to avoid heavy workloads during this time, but you may get to spend more time hanging out with the family!

Companies often shut down over the holidays for a few days. Find out if your company does, as this may be the perfect opportunity to schedule a procedure. Not only does this give you some downtime, but it is also the ideal amount of time for recovery from a plastic surgery procedure. Of course, the colder winter weather will keep you indoors for much of the time, so you’ll be able to wear loose, comfy clothing over those compression garments while going through your recovery.

The Trend That Keeps on Giving

Your life is busy, and sometimes taking time for yourself must seem near impossible. However, the holidays tend to be a time when you can slow down and enjoy time for yourself and with our loved ones. Whether it’s to look your best or finally to do that one thing you’ve wanted to do just for you, the holidays tend to be the ideal time.

Contact Us for Your Plastic Surgery During the Holidays

With the help of Dr. Florence Mussat, you can enjoy that much deserved aesthetic surgery during the upcoming holiday season. Schedule a personal consultation with her online or by calling (312) 751-9000 today!