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What to Consider With Revision Breast Surgery

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in America, with more than 200,000 procedures performed every year. But as women age and their breasts change, they may start wondering if their implants have outlived their usefulness.

For most women who have had breast augmentation surgery, the procedure has provided years of satisfying results. The implants have enhanced physical appearances, boosted self-confidence, and provided a sensual, feminine shape to show off.

However, you may experience complications like surgical error, implant dysfunction, or capsular contraction, or have a change of heart regarding breast shape and size.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Florence Mussat firmly believes every woman deserves to be in love with her figure. Using the most advanced tools and techniques of aesthetic medicine, Dr. Mussat performs breast revision surgery to deliver or restore your feminine figure.

Here are a few things to consider before deciding on revision breast surgery.

How Have You Changed?

Some women feel that their enhanced breast size or contour no longer aligns with their current body shape or lifestyle. Perhaps you had your initial breast surgery when you were younger and interested in a more voluptuous appeal. As you’ve gotten older, your lifestyle has changed, and now a subtler appearance is more appropriate.

Are Your Implants Still Comfortable?

For women who feel their implants are too large, an implant exchange, a breast surgery revision, a breast implant removal, or a breast lift may be what the surgeon ordered. Downsizing to a smaller implant may reduce possible breast and back discomfort, make bras more comfortable, and allow patients to experience the latest implant technology.

Dr. Mussat will explain the various shapes, sizes, and types of implants available today to help achieve your desired cosmetic goals. And for patients who feel their implants are too heavy, Dr. Mussat may discuss the possibility of a breast lift combined with an implant exchange. A breast lift helps elevate a droopy breast to a more youthful contour and elevate the nipple to a more upright position.

Have You Experienced Breast Implant Complications?

Even with correctly performed breast augmentation surgery, complications can arise. Fortunately, a revision breast surgery can address these issues. Examples of breast augmentation complications include:

  • Implant displacement
  • Implant rupture
  • Capsular contracture
  • Bottoming out

Is It Time to Replace or Remove Your Breast Implants?

Time changes everything, including your opinions. With all the phases of life women go through, it is understandable some preferences shift in the process. Breast revision surgery gives these women have an opportunity to replace their implants with different devices or no implant at all.

Incredible new advancements are available in cosmetic breast surgery to help women realize their aesthetic goals. Contact Dr. Florence Mussat today to learn how she can give you the perfect body shape for your life today. Schedule a private consultation with Dr. Mussat or call (312) 751-9000.