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How Can You Get Rid of Jowls?

Inevitably, we all lose skin elasticity with age. And when that occurs, excess skin around your cheeks, under your chin, and along your jawline can emerge, developing what many call “jowls.” Why do some people seem impervious to the condition, while others deal with this frustrating concern that’s so hard to hide? There are several reasons, including genetics, stress levels, weight fluctuation, and lifestyle choices.

The critical question is not about where jowls come from, but how to eliminate them to retain a more youthful appearance. Consider these proven treatments available from board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Florence Mussat in Chicago.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers restore lost volume for facial balance. As a minimally invasive option, fillers are an injectable solution that can enhance your cheeks and the skin around the jawline and mouth. This treatment can non-surgically improve your the jawline contour, but it isn’t a permanent fix. Instead, consider it an excellent “in-between” option if you are not ready for a more invasive procedure like a thread lift. Still, too much filler can make your jawline look square and unnatural. You’ll eventually reach a point where you want a more dramatic improvement.


Patients who deal with facial aging, volume loss, or sagging skin and are not ready for cosmetic surgery are excellent candidates for our InstaLift procedure.

It is an optimal minimally invasive solution for people who want facial rejuvenation without incisions, sutures, or extended downtime. In addition, this advanced technology offers a sagging facial skin solution for patients with good skin elasticity and moderate jowling.

InstaLift employs fine, biodegradable sutures, which Dr. Mussat positions deep into the skin tissues. With this innovative suture design, she can elevate sagging skin tissue about the midface to a more youthful position. You will enjoy immediately noticeable results, which should last approximately 18 months. InstaLift is safe and practical, with minimal discomfort.


A facelift surgically removes excess skin, tightens lax muscles, and repositions the skin to enhance the lower two-thirds of your face. Facelifts are ideal for anyone dealing with moderate to excessive jowling. While Dr. Mussat’s minimally invasive procedures also address jowls and sagging skin, a facelift delivers a dramatic improvement that can last for decades.

Timeless Beauty in Chicago

If you’re interested in eliminating excess skin and tissue under your jawline, you must choose an experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon. Facial rejuvenation involves skill, artistry, and extensive knowledge to ensure the desired outcome.

If you have questions about which facial procedure will help you eliminate jowls, or if you’d like to schedule your consultation, please contact us at (312) 751-9000 or complete our convenient contact form today.