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The Perfect Fit: Determining Your Ideal Breast Size

On the subject of breast enhancement, there’s a question that baffles many women who are considering it: Why do some women look great when they have large breasts, while others look appealing with small breasts? This question makes it confusing for women who can’t decide whether to get a breast augmentation or a breast reduction.

Well, ladies, the truth of the matter is, it’s not about getting the right size. It’s about enhancing your breasts, whether to augment or reduce, in order to have the breast size that’s ideal or proportionate to your frame. In other words, there is no perfect breast size suitable for all women.

The Ideal Breast Size

Now you know that having the perfect breasts is subjective, it’s time to learn how to determine your ideal breast size. While the best way to determine your ideal size is through an examination by a board-certified plastic surgeon, there are determining factors that can guide you.

  • Body Type

There are eight major body types in women. Each of these has its own ideal breast size in order to make the body look proportionate. If you’re heavier in the lower part of your body, increasing your breast size can add proportion to your frame. If you have an inverted triangle body type, you certainly can benefit from breast reduction to make your bust proportionate to your small hips and waist.

  • Body Shape

Stand in front of a mirror and analyze your body carefully. Does your body have a strong build? Or, do you have a thin frame? If you have a strongly built body shape, a breast augmentation can be beneficial for you, as you can carry large-sized breasts with ease. If you’re lean or small, you might have to think long and hard about getting larger breasts as they can cause back pain. If you’re already experiencing such discomfort because of your breasts, a reduction surgery may alleviate the pain. Typically, it’s safe to augment your breasts by one size up if you want them to be bigger.

  • Age

If you are in your childbearing years, you might want to forego getting breast augmentation for a while— unless you don’t have any plans of bearing children, because pregnancy can cause the breasts to grow larger. During this period, you’ll be able to see yourself with larger breasts and decide if you want to keep it that way or not.

These are deciding factors to help you determine your ideal breast size. At the end of the day, it’s still you who gets to decide whether you want bigger or smaller breasts.

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