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What Are Some of the Most Well-Known Reasons for Breast Reduction Surgery?

The reasons women get a breast reduction are often misunderstood. Many may believe it is a straightforward cosmetic correction, but there is more to it than that. Many women suffer from various ailments because their breasts are too large and heavy. In addition, the weight of breast tissue can cause health-related issues that affect a woman’s quality of life.

Of the many reasons women decide to undergo breast reduction surgery expertly performed by Dr. Florence Mussat, comfort, enhanced activity, and superior proportion are the most common. Together with others, these are presented here and should help you decide if breast reduction surgery might be right for you.

Breasts Too Large Cause Physical Discomfort

Back and neck pain are common for women with overly large breasts, consisting of excess fat and tissues that carry a lot of weight. This weight puts a strain on the back and may cause other physical issues restricting daily activities. A breast reduction will relieve this excess weight, increase comfort, and reduce pain.

Cause Unwanted Attention

Another problem women with big breasts deal with is unwanted attention. Inappropriate comments and catcalling from men can be highly agitating and cause unnecessary emotional trauma. A breast reduction can bring the body into better balance to reduce unfortunate remarks or attention.

Clothing Choices are Restricted

Rarely can a woman with overly sized breasts easily find suitable clothing because her choices are severely limited. She might herself restricted to oversized sweat gear, T-shirts, or men’s clothing, causing her to avoid going out in public to enjoy interaction with others.

Big Breasts Limit Workout Options

It can be uncomfortable to do light exercise like walking or jogging when a woman has overly large breasts. Of course, more intensive forms of exercise to maintain an attractive figure are out of the question. When excessive breast tissue is eliminated, she has more freedom and mobility and can live an active life without pain, exhaustion, breathlessness, or limited motion. In addition, she can have a wide range of workout routines to stay healthy and in great shape.

Skin Irritation

Skin irritation is a problem generally encountered at the natural breast crease and is caused by skin rubbing against skin and causing a painful and irritating rash. These rashes are not uncommon with women with large breasts.

Although these irritations are treatable with lotions and creams, this is not a permanent solution, making the problem even more frustrating.  A breast reduction can help to eliminate these types of skin rashes.

Breast Reduction Surgery in Chicago, IL

With her hands-on experience regularly performing breast reduction surgery in Chicago, Illinois, Dr. Florence Mussat is known for her skill and expertise and compassionate healthcare. With few risks but remarkable benefits, Dr. Mussat’s expertise helps you look and feel great inside and out.

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