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Top 3 Reasons Exercise and Diet Are Important for Anti-Aging


The fountain of youth may be something that we only hear in the movies. However, advancement in medicine has led us to expand our life span and battle the visible signs of aging.

If you want to slow down the aging process and age gracefully, it pays to give your body an extra helping hand. Aside from getting anti-aging treatments, make some changes in your lifestyle. They don’t have to be drastic or dramatic, as what other people suggest, because even simple changes can make you feel and look younger.

The simple changes we’re referring to are diet and exercise. Changes may not be apparent immediately once you start diet and exercise, but the effects are long-term. Here are the top three reasons you should include these three important lifestyle changes in your quest to look and feel younger.

  1. Healthy foods fight wrinkles inside out.

Just like good fuel that will keep your car engine functioning optimally, nourishing food will keep your body functioning optimally as well. When you eat nutritious food, your body will function properly. It’ll be able to produce anti-oxidants to defend itself from harmful free radicals that contribute to a speedy aging process. It’ll also help balance your hormones so the rest of your organs will function at their best.

  1. Exercise reduces inflammation.

Aside from strengthening your bones and muscles, as well as stabilizing your weight, exercise also helps in keeping inflammation at bay. Age-related inflammation often leads to medical diseases and conditions, such as heart disease. A 10-year study has found that people who are generally active have lower levels of inflammation. Ultimately, this leads to the body being healthy and strong.

  1. Healthy diet and regular exercise slow down the natural aging process.

With bones and muscles stronger, and the internal organs fully nourished, your body will have a functional immune system that will minimize the onset of any age-related diseases. By boosting your immunity with a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, you will be better able to take on viruses floating around in the winter months. Additionally, the state of your body inside will reflect on the outside. Therefore, if you’re eating right, exercising regularly and hydrating your body often, your skin will glow and it will retain its moisture. This will slow down the formation of wrinkles.

Fighting the natural aging process needs a holistic approach. While advances in cosmetic medicine allow us to temporarily “freeze” the formation of wrinkles and other signs of aging in the body, you can do so much more when you add diet and exercise in your efforts.

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