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How to Maintain Your Results After Liposuction

When it comes to cosmetic procedures that sculpt the body and improve its contours, there are few as popular as liposuction. For decades this enduring method of eliminating excess fat cells and removing pesky bulges has been a staple in aesthetic medicine. Now that we are well into the summer months when people are more aware of fat pads that diet and exercise seem to ignore, liposuction becomes a practical cosmetic option.

Over the years, millions of patients have enjoyed the sleeker form liposuction delivers in problem areas like the abdomen, back, and thighs. But do these results last forever? Although liposuction removes fat cells permanently, it doesn’t remove them all. It is possible to expand existing cells, which can harm your results. Here are some simple tips to follow to maintain your results after liposuction.

Stay Active

Fifty percent of liposuction patients will gain about two or three pounds within six months after having the procedure while the other half stay focused on retaining their hard-won results. The best way to maintain your liposuction results is to find a way to keep fit. Staying active through physical exercise will not only help you keep the body you’ve earned, but will also improve your quality of life with better health. 

Eat Right

The older you get, the more diet impacts your ability to keep your healthy weight. We all struggle with certain foods that can undermine a sleek and slender body outline. Although you don’t have to starve yourself, you should limit eating foods that may cause a problem. These include:

  • Simple carbs like bread, rice, and pasta
  • Saturated fat and sugars
  • Carbonated sodas including diet drinks
  • Energy drinks high in sugar
  • Fried and processed foods

The less you eat of these foods, the less you will crave them. The more you eat the right foods, the easier it will be to continue with a healthy diet. These foods include:

  • Fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Whole grains and complex carbs
  • Drink plenty of water (eight cups a day)

Eat smaller meals throughout the day as opposed to binge eating late. Eating a good, healthy breakfast will ease cravings during the day and give you the energy you need to remain active. 

Prioritize Sleep

A busy schedule can impede the sleep you need for a healthy lifestyle. Studies prove that sleep between 6.5 and 8.5 hours each night can lower the percentage of body fat. People who get consistent, adequate sleep daily will increase their odds of keeping the pounds off because sleep helps to suppress the appetite. 

Become Accountable

The best way to hold yourself to a standard of keeping fit and slim is to have someone in your life to hold you accountable. A friend, family member, or spouse can help, especially if they are trying to stay fit and healthy as well. We all need encouragement and at times admonishment to remain focused on living a healthy lifestyle that promotes a beautiful body!

Do You Have Questions About Liposuction

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