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5 Things Men Ask When They Go for Plastic Surgery

You probably don’t notice it because the results are subtle and natural-looking, but more and more of the men around you look as good as they do thanks to plastic surgery. Male plastic surgery has been on the rise for years, and it continues to grow as the idea becomes more acceptable in our culture.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures for men are nose reshaping (rhinoplasty), eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty)liposuctionmale breast reductionabdominal reduction, and hair transplantation. Men are increasingly choosing non-surgical procedures, as well.

So, what do men ask about when they come in for plastic surgery consultations? Here are their top five questions:

1. How Much Time Will It Take?

Men tend to be looking for quick results: fast treatments and a minimum of downtime. Many men don’t want to take time off from work for a procedure or recovery. They often seek treatments that fit into breaks in their schedules or require as little vacation time as possible. Many end up making the time for cosmetic surgery, accepting the trade-off of a few days of downtime for long-lasting results. However, more gravitate to faster and less invasive treatments.

2. Will I Look Natural?

Everyone wants a natural look from cosmetic treatment — men and women both — but men are typically even more particular about coming out of the procedure without obvious signs that they’ve had work done. For men, that takes a plastic surgeon with an understanding of male aesthetics. Some imperfections can enhance a masculine look, for example, while over-correcting wrinkles or other signs of facial aging can make a man look feminine. When done well, male plastic surgery makes a man look age-appropriate and strong.

3. How Much Will It Hurt?

They may act tough, but men also want to know how much the treatment will hurt. It may be that women are more used to trading pain and discomfort for beauty than men are. The good news is that most men are surprised by their capacity to handle the short-term discomfort of plastic surgery and are usually relieved by how quickly it dissipates.

4. Will I Look Younger?

Both men and women seek plastic surgery to look younger, but there are often subtle differences in their goals. Men typically desire to have more hair on their heads, less body fat, and more chiseled facial features. It’s essential to be clear about your aesthetic goals and listen to the surgeon’s honest assessment of the changes that the procedure can make. You’ll want to go into the treatment with realistic expectations and a full understanding of the process.

5. Is There a Less Invasive Alternative?

Because men are looking for speed and a minimum of discomfort in their cosmetic treatments, they are often drawn to non-surgical alternatives. It’s a good idea to use your consultation with your plastic surgeon to understand the pros and cons of all of your options — both the short-term negatives, such as downtime, discomfort, and the long-term benefits in lasting results.

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