Florence Mussat, M.D.
680 N Lake Shore Dr. #1030 Chicago, IL 60611 (312) 751-9000


She’s the best!

I had a darkened sebaceous cyst on my forehead! It looked like a 3rd eye. Cosmetically it was devastating but it was also had been infected before which and it was just a bad situation. As an uninsured American I called around for someone who could at least give a free consultation so I could confirm what it was and get prices. Places like Lakeview Dermatology quoted me around $140 for an initial consultation. And I got the same from other places, but I realized I didn’t need a dermatologist I needed a plastic surgeon since this was something on my face. So I found Dr. Florence via another yelp review. My consultation thank the Lord was complimentary and the surgery itself was only $100 flat rate. The day of surgery was easy. Dr. Florence is welcoming, she’s warm , she’s down to earth and very honest and most of all knows exactly what shes doing. I had my procedure done December 17th. I still have the Steri-strip over everything but the process has been great I’m healing beautifully and I’m just so happy that I found her office and found her to help me. If you need anything removed, Cyst, Moles anything go to Dr. Florence! She’s the best!